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FEI Endurance Horse Sport

  Endurance Riding is a competition to test the competitor’s ability to safely manage the stamina and fitness of the horse over an endurance course in a competition against the track, the distance, the climate, the terrain and the clock. To be successful, the competitor must have knowledge of pace and efficient and safe use of the horse across country.

  Unlike many other octane powered sports, the equestrian sport of Endurance spans history - speaks all languages and transcends age and gender with a contagious spirit. It is family oriented. It dictates dedication, courage, confidence and commitment.  There is no equestrian sport equal to this unity between horse and rider. Equestrian Endurance Rides are held worldwide.

  The FEI or International Equestrian Federation is the key authority in the world that dictates and manages the rules of equestrian endurance as well as several other equestrian disciplines to its affiliated member Federations that are present in approximately 130 countries. In Bahrain, the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation handle’s the equestrian sport of Endurance and Show Jumping.

International Endurance Rides are referred with the category of the ride and the star rating they fall into e.g. CEI (Concours de Raid d’Endurance International) 1*, 2*, 3* or 4*.

Hence, the FEI has defined four star levels for the CEI rides to be categorized, they are as follows,

4 Star: Senior Championships of a minimum of 160 km in one day, Junior and Young Rider Championships of a minimum of 120 km, maximum of 130km in one day.  omega replica watches

3 Star: All rides of 140 km – 160 km in one day, or 90-100 km over 2 days, or 70- 80 km over 3 days or more.  

2 Star: All rides between 120 km and 139 km in one day or between 70 km and 89 km over two days. 

1 Star: (Low Level Event) all rides between 80 km and 119 km in one day.

Endurance Ride Championships at The Bahrain International Endurance Village

  The Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation organises FEI international endurance championship rides with distances of 80, 100, 120 and 160 KM, divided into stages, at the Bahrain International Endurance Village from November to May every year.


Endurance in Bahrain

The widely  famous and ever growing FEI equestrian sport of Endurance had  seen its inception in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the 7th April 2000. Inspired by the success of the First International Championship, the Kingdom  initiated the season to begin from October to May every year for hosting  FEI  and  National  events  beginning  with  a  distance  from  the modest  80  KM  to  the outstanding 160 KM.

In  2004,  under  the  leadership  of  H.H.  Sh.  Nasser  Bin  Hamad  Al  Khalifa,  the President  of  NF Bahrain,  the  Kingdom  received  the  honour  to  be  host  to  the  FEI  World  Endurance Championship for Juniors and Young Riders. It was an ignition the Kingdom needed along with the  outstanding  patronage  and  support  of His Majesty  the  King  under whose  leadership  the sport  had  progressed  so  far,  the  Kingdom  of  Bahrain  set  forth  to  build  its  own  equestrian village.  

The Bahrain International Endurance Village was commissioned in 2005 for hosting the Kingdom’s first ever FEI World Endurance Championships for Juniors and Young Riders on the 17th December, the same year. A total of 32 countries had arrived to the Kingdom to take part in this prestigious and historic event. The future of Bahrain Endurance remained bright and colourful following the success of the event which acted as the catalyst for the amazing growth of the sport.

Today, all equestrian endurance events hosted at the Bahrain International Endurance Village is organized under the patronage and leadership of H.H. Sh. Faisal Bin Rashid Al Khalifa, the President of the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation and under the support of H.M. The King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa. So far, we are proud to have organized the following majestic Endurance Events,   

Sl.No Date Event Title
1 17-Dec-2005 FEI World Endurance Championship for Juniors & Young Riders (CH-M-YJ-E-120 KM)    
2 10-Jan-2009 The Giants Endurance Challenge - Season I - Round II - CEI 2* 120 KM 
3 09-Jan-2010 The Giants Endurance Challenge - Season II - Round II - CEI 2* 120 KM
4 15-Dec-2012 The 1st CISM Military World Equestrian Endurance Championship - CEN 120 KM
5 14-Mar-2015 H.H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Endurance Cup - CEN 90 KM
6 12-Mar-2016   The GCC Endurance Ride Championship - CEN 120 KM